Summit Public School: Denali

Like all Summit Public Schools, Summit Denali seeks to give all students the opportunity to not only attend, but succeed in a four year college or university.  Summit Denali will:

  • Serve students in grades 6 - 12 from Santa Clara County, and provide a high quality school of choice along with highway 101 corridor

  • Set and maintain high expectations and high support for all of its students

  • Provide high-quality teachers in all of its classrooms

  • Provide students opportunities to develop their content knowledge, develop their cognitive skills, find a sense of belonging and connect their learning to the real-world

Summit Denali (High School)
539 E Weddell Dr, Sunnyvale CA 

Important Denali Documents

Summit Denali's charter was authorized by the Santa Clara County Board of Education in 2012 and opened in the 2013-14 school year.