October 3, 2015

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Summit Public Schools
DENALI NEWS   •  October 3, 2015

Dear Families,

We just completed our first full week of Expeditions!  In the last several days students have begun making books, welding plastic, writing code, practicing yoga, learning important health and wellness content, and so much more.  We’re looking forward to another week where students explore new activities on their way to finding an extracurricular passion.  

Denali teachers have also been busy!  We call it ExPD - Expeditions Professional Development - and these two weeks give us a time to step back, dig into the data, and collaboratively plan with our team and with our colleagues from Summit Public School.  Our focus areas for this ExPD include project planning, improving Summit Solves, improving Office Hours, and modifying our space configuration for PLT.  We use many similar structures as our students, including 1:1 coaching check-ins, PLT for teachers, and Socratic Seminars as a whole faculty.  We’re very grateful to Ms. Kelly and the Expeditions team for their work with our students that allows us to be even better in the weeks ahead.

Finally, a BIG thanks to the families who came out for our Facilities Work Day this morning!  Our next work day will be in about a month.  

-J & J


School Communication - Robocalls

In an effort to better communicate with families, and in response to family feedback, we’ve simplified our robocalling protocol.  We will only use robocalls during the day in case of emergency.  We will regularly use robocalls during the evening hours for reminders and key messages.  Thanks to the families for sharing their feedback.


Parent Ed Night - High School (Oct 14, 6:30 pm)

Ahead of our Parent Ed Night on high school on Wednesday, October 14th, we’re encouraging families to read a few sections of an important text - like a book club!  Our focus text is Creating Innovators by Tony Wagner.  Please read the introduction, and chapters 1, 2, and 5.


Our athletics program is picking up speed.  Here are some updates:

  1. We will be having a Girls Volleyball team!  For families who turned in their paperwork for girls volleyball, please watch for an email from Coach J about the practice schedule.

  2. We still need coaches for: Boys soccer (starts Dec 7), Girls soccer (starts Feb 9), and Track/field (starts April).  Coaches are paid a stipend.  If you or anyone you know would be willing to coach, please contact Coach J (coachjbumagat@gmail.com).

  3. If you have any questions about Denali athletics, please email Coach J.


Family Survey
If you haven’t yet, please take our brief Family Survey.  Your feedback is extremely important, and this survey, administered every fall and spring, helps gather that feedback and input.

Annual Campaign
Our goal is for 100% of Denali families to participate in our annual donation campaign.  A paper mailing is being sent to all families this week.  You can also donate online by visiting the Denali website and see the information on the homepage under news and announcements.  Additional information is available in our Annual Campaign FAQ document.

Office Support Volunteer Opportunity
We’re looking for parents who are available to come in for a few hours to provide office support over the next two weeks.  Jessica needs some time away from the front desk for an important project so any help would be greatly appreciated! No previous experience or training is necessary. Feel free to bring in your own work to do while covering the front.  If you can help, please sign-up here.




Oct 14, 6:30 - 8:00 pmParent Ed Night - High School  
Oct 22, 6:30 - 8:00 pmFirst Open House for New Families  
Oct 28, 7:00 - 9:00 pmParent Organization Meeting